Neither Fish nor Fowl?

Stephen Grant's 10-bore/12 bore sidelock.

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Guns & Gunmakers|July 2023

The unusual is always interesting and here we have a rare beauty.

It is a plain (unengraved) Stephen Grant 12-bore/10-bore (it has a pair of barrels chambered for each). It is a heavy-frame gun, cased to best standards in oak and leather.

The original 10-bore barrels are Damascus and the 28", 12-bore barrels, fitted in 1974, by John Wilkes, are steel and proof tested for 2 3/4" (Magnum).

The gun was made in 1899 and the original, 31" damascus, 10-bore barrels have 2 7/8" chambers, choked 3/4 and full. With these fitted it weighs 7lbs 12oz.

In its current form it makes a useful wildfowling gun and can be used with the original barrels if 10-bore cartridges can be found or with the 12-bore ones, if 2 3/4" magnum loads are easier to come by.

The plain nature of the gun, which is built to 'best' standards in every other respect, might make it less desireable to many buyers but it offers great value for that reason to those who appreciate quality.

The short film below examines the gun and demonstrates it in action, using Hull CompX, 21g, lead loads, with fibre wads.

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Guns & Gunmakers|July 2023

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