Pace Brothers Discuss Lead Shot

Diggory Hadoke adds insights into lead and vintage guns during this wide-ranging discussion.

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Issues & Events|May 2020

The Pace Brothers have been bringing interesting topics into sharp focus for a few years now. Specialising in hunting, wildlife management, and the politics that bind them together, the brothers scour the globe for interesting people to talk to about everything from mink trapping to moving herds of elephants acoss a continent.

In this podcast, the focus is on lead shot and the state of the debate in Britain, in the face of opposition and argument. The issue has caused rifts in the shooting world and continues to be divisive. Here, Pace Brothers patch together a series of interviews with people looking at the subject from several different perspectives. It is most enlightening.

To listen to the podcast, click PACE BROS LEAD SHOT.


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Issues & Events|May 2020

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