The Cartoons of Ghislain Geenen

The artist turns his hand to sporting cartoons for his and our amusement.

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Lifestyle & Product Reviews|September 2019

Ghislain Geenen is best known for his striking artworks, which adorn the homes of his fortunate clients around the world. However, as a passionate shooting man and lover of British guns, he takes inspiration from the shooting world to produce a wonderful array of light hearted cartooms of the paople, animals and scenes he encounters.

These are interpretations of the dogs and cats at Caynham Court, re-imagined as useful members of the domestic staff. If only....

Vesper, the visla, getting to work on pheasant plucking.

As with all Ghislain's work, attention to detail and a sensitive interpretive eye mark out his cartoons, which capture the character of each animal beautifully.Ratty, the terrier, preparing breakfast.

Ghislain's work is displayed at Caynham Court, in Shropshire, where UK-based clients can view it in-situ. His website can be found through the banner advertisements on the Vintage Gun Journal.Sooty, often to be found in the sink, drinking from the tap, is actually washing-up in this cartoon.

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Lifestyle & Product Reviews|September 2019

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