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Issues & Events|January 2024

We have been running our intimate little shoot weeks at Caynham Court since 2017 and are delighted to confirm the dates for the 2024 event.

This shoot is available to single guns to book. Though we do get a lot of repeat guests who come every year or two, new people are always welcome and will be taken good care of.

We do offer a bespoke option to full teams, so anybody wishing to take a full week in late November, December or January 2024 may do so.

West London Shooting School


Caynham Court is our family home and has been a manor house since 1086. We began restoring the facilities in 2017, adding new en-suite bathrooms to all the bedrooms and renovating all the living quarters as well as the outside and grounds.

Caynham Court has twelve bed rooms with en-suite showers, some also have a bath. Dining is around a large table that can seat twenty and socialising in the huge living room is made comfortable by a large wood burning fire and big sofas and arm chairs.

We have a walk-in gun room, boot room, scullery and a huge kitchen, which is staffed by Chef Andy Thomas and his waitresses.

We keep a relaxed, informal house, where we do things the right way but everybody feels at home.

Westley Richards


Shooting is fully driven, taking place on local estates within 40 minutes of the house. Two of the shoots are only 15 minutes away. Typically, we shoot three drives, then stop for lunch in the shoot lodge. After lunch, there will be one more drive, sometimes two.

These are quality shoots, not the brash commercial days that many sporting agents offer to overseas clients. We consider you a guest on a family shoot. This is what we do and the atmosphere is as authentic as can be found.

Terrain varies from high commons to wooded valleys, to parkland coverts. We provide a variety to make the week interesting. The common factor is quality: Sporting birds that will challenge the best but not the 'extreme' type that requires a goose gun and 36 grams of No.3 shot to kill anything.

Bag expectation is around 220-250 birds per day for the team.

There will be the opportunity for one person to go deer stalking, with our stalker, on each of the non-shooting days, if they wish.

End of a busy drive.


The 2024 Shoot Party will run from November 3rd 2024 until November 11th 2024.

Nine Guns will shoot four local estates, all well-known for their traditional driven shoot management and for showing sporting birds. Quarry will be mostly pheasant and some partridge.

Guns wishing to bring their own shotguns are welcome to do so and we will apply on their behalf for Visitor Shotgun Permits. Those wishing to borrow guns from us may do so at no extra cost.

The week begins with shooting lessons focussed on hitting high pheasants, at the famous West London Shooting School, under the direction of head instructor, Mark Heath.

Catering will be handled by our in-house chef and waiting staff. Additional meals will include dinner at Gauthama, a local favourite, and The Cross in Kenilworth, a great pub with a Michelin Star.

Loaders are available for those who would like one. They will carry your gun and cartridges, assist you on the peg and advise, if you wish them to do so.

It is probable that lead shot will still be permitted for the 2024 season. If that is not the case, we will provide ‘BioAmmo Blue’, which is a lead substitute requiring no alteration to the guns.

The event is primarily a shooting party, with the focus very much on guns and shooting. Guns may bring wives if they wish and they are welcome to attend shoot days or relax at the house. Rob will be available to provide transport to local towns and attractions, if required.

There will, as always be ‘guest appearances’ by well-known gunmakers, who will join us for some days and dinners and present some interesting things for us to see, learn about and discuss.

2024 - COSTS

Per Gun: £12,500.
Deposit with booking - £6,000
Balance October 1st 2024 - £6,500

All transport from pick-up in London (3rd) to drop off in London (10th).
Shoot transport
Visitor Shotgun Permits
Gun storage and cleaning
Shooting lessons at WLSS
Meals at pubs and restaurants
In-house dining and drink

Gatley Park

Not Included
Flights to/from London
London Hotels
Expenses and meals before pick-up and after drop-off

Tips will be expected for:
Your loader (if you have one): £100 per day (4 days total)
The game keeper on each shoot day: £80 per day (4 days total)
We recommend you bring £1,000 cash in pounds sterling for tips and sundries while in England.

Modest, discretionary tips may be appropriate for:

We very much look forward to welcoming new and old friends again this year for our week of Shropshire shooting in 2024.

Please do call or e-mail with any questions at all.

Shropshire estates are perfect for presenting sporting birds.


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Issues & Events|January 2024

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