Purdey Launch Summmer Collection

The safari-inspired collection now on sale at Audley House

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Lifestyle & Product Reviews|April 2020

Top end fashion or practical hunting gear? The big London gunmakers have often struggled with the balance they seek to achieve. Given the tiny numbers of people who go on genuine hunting safaris each year and the huge leisure wear market, it is not surprising that, while aiming to cater to their core customer base, the likes of Purdey also want to sell into the mainstream.

The latest summer collection has a safari inspired theme and, make no mistake, much of the clothing here is absulutely practical for the African bush. I have hunted in Botswana, South Africa and Tanzania over the years and there has always been a Purdey item or two in my kit bag, be it a shirt, cartridge belt or a shooting vest.

In my experience, the clothing is well-designed, well-made and constructed from very fine materials - a sure recipe for a long life and adding the potential to become long-lived favourite pieces in your wardrobe.

For details, see Purdey's website or drop into Audley House next time you are in the West End.

Safari inspired clothes for the style-consious hunter, doubles-up as rugged leisure wear.

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Lifestyle & Product Reviews|April 2020

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