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Buying Guns from Us

We have a straightforward but rather unconventional approach to selling guns.

We only sell guns we like. We believe it is very difficult to sell something your don’t believe in. Therefore, we actually like and appreciate every single gun we sell. If we don’t like it, we throw it into an auction or move it ¬†through the trade. That’s why you don’t see foreign guns very much here, or guns with unreliable single trigger or ejector systems, cracked stocks with repairs, pitted barrels, dents, soft actions etc. Unless specifically stated, all our guns have a minimum wall thickness of 23 thou and measure as per their latest proof marks.

Mr Jenkins receives his Perrins.Every in-house restored gun we sell is guaranteed for twelve months against any mechanical malfunction. If it goes wrong we will fix it. That obviously excludes abuse, so don’t get mud in the muzzles, blow it up and expect us to re-barrel it, nor should you expect us to re-stock it if you fall down a badger hole and break your fall with the gun! However, if the ejectors play up or the hand pin works loose, or the forend falls off, or the rib pops up, or the gun starts to rattle after a few weeks, we will put it right – at no cost to you.

We don’t have lots of guns in various states of wear and repair. Any gun we restore and sell you has been professionally restored by the best gunmakers in the London and Birmingham Gun Trade. Barrels professionally polished, re-browned or blacked, actions boiled off and disassembled before inspection and re-assembly. All our guns are in proof (as you would expect), on the face, serviced, tested and as good as they can be. Chequer is refreshed professionally, woodwork traditionally oil finished. In 90% of cases, the guns have a Length of Pull of 14 3/4″ or 15″ , so that they fit the taller average 21st century shooter. Most gun dealers just take a gun in and put it on the shelf. We don’t. Ours are in A1 condition and guaranteed.

We do sell guns on commission, but they have to be good. These guns are sold as seen and can usually be identified by a stock number with a prefix ‘SR’. We also occasionally have trade-in guns or projects in the ‘Bargain Bin’. These are ‘sold as seen’.

We hold a stock of ¬†guns in the UK and in the USA. Any guns with a stock number prefix ‘MJ’ or ‘CA’ are in the USA. All others are in London.

We don’t haggle over prices, like you would buying mangoes in a Bangkok market. We set fair prices reflecting our quality and the integrity of the guns we sell. That way, you don’t have to guess what the real price is by trying to work out how much extra mark-up the dealer has put on to allow haggling. What you see is the price. Nice, clear, simple. That is how we like to do business.

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