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Diggory has been busy defending shooting and hunting in the media. Two appearances on ‘Good Morning Britain’ on ITV, one on ‘This Morning’ and one on BBC’s ‘Sunday Live’ provided opportunities to advocate the benefits and sustainability of shooting sports her and big game hunting in Africa. We exhibited at the Game Fair at Hatfield House and met a lot of people – old clients and, hopefully, new ones. We shifted about £50,000 worth of guns, which shows there is still an appetite for the beautiful old things we cherish. Meanwhile, we are building a new gun room at Caynham Court and a show room will follow. Busy is not the word! We ask for a little patience as the police have yet to issue a RFD cert with the new premises, which means we cannot get guns out via Parcelforce fro a while.

The first quarter of the year is proving busy. We have sold six pairs of guns since the year turned and there have beens some nice single hammer guns coming in and out very quickly. The latest exciting arrival is a very crisp and original double 8-bore by Thomas Johnson. The guns is stocked for shooting from the shoulder, rather than the punt and with 34″ damascus barrels and nickel plated action, it was built very much as a specialist tool. It is, however very fine quality and would serve wonderfully if pressed into goose hunting on the foreshore once again. We collected a few guns for clients at Holt’s and now turn our attention to sales in April at Christies and Gavin Gardiner’s.

Our new location – Caynham Court.

We are now located at Caynham Court. The new premises is an ancient manor house just 2 1/2 miles from our previous base, in Ludlow. Caynham Court will provide a lot more space and flexibility for the gun shop, hosting shooting parties and other related activities. We will retain storage facilities in Ludlow, at the current location, 28 Corve Street.

As I said, sales have been brisk in 2017, with pairs selling particularly well. Single guns of quality are also moving and we have the ever-popular projects that clients enjoy so much. Meanwhile, repairs continue apace – but now is the ideal time to get your guns in for a close season service. We hate to get them in September with a plea for it to be ready ‘for Saturday’. Do it now!

This pair of 1906 Boss SLEs sold this month. Pairs have been selling well.

On another note, we have commissioned a strictly limited edition of fully leather bound books – all the three of the  ‘Vintage Guns’ set: ‘Vintage Guns for the Modern Shot’, ‘The British Boxlock Gun & Rifle‘ and ‘Hammer Guns in Theory & Practice’. We are releasing them in five production runs – each of five sets. There will be a strict maximum release of 25 sets. They are beautifully hand-bound in Ludlow by Ludlow Book Binders, to the very highest standards, using traditional skills. Pages will be gold washed. Sets will be available in May or June and will be signed and numbered by me (Diggory Hadoke). The cost will be £750 per set. We have now sold all five of the first set. Orders now being taken for numbers 6-10.